Hello everyone! My name is Jason Stanoffsky or "Jay" to my friends. A couple of months ago my brother/business partner Quinten Chaban and I, started this project to make my resort "Jewel of the North" wheelchair accessible for myself and other guests of the mobility impaired community. We just wanted to take this opportunity to give a big shout out of thanks, and overwhelming gratitude to everyone who supported us to this point. The friends, family, and complete strangers who have given so freely and graciously from their hearts, has truly humbled us.

If you're a first-time viewer of our sites, welcome! Please poke around there is a lot of information here covering what we have done so far. Including videos from CTV interviews, Global News interviews, As well as newspaper articles from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, the Regina leader post, and the Prince Albert Herald. If you're a repeat viewer, I urge you to look around as well I can guarantee you there's new material to catch up on, given all of our activity lately! New or old all like you definitely don't want to miss the letter of support we have been given as an endorsement from, Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan! We are so grateful for their support, and so excited moving forward to be working together with our friends at Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan, to complete Wheel Access for Jay & Guests & More! This project united us to a common goal. To make the Jewel of the North, a benchmark for handicap accessibility, for resorts and businesses alike to achieve.

The most important thing I would like you to take away from this project, is that this is about more than just making the resort wheelchair accessible for everyone to enjoy, regardless of there mobility impairment. That is just the start, of our short term goal. Once completed, we will be donating each quarter of the year, or every three months, A five-day get away, to someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury and recently left Rehab. We want to get individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury along with their families up to the resort for five day stay, to inspire other spinal cord injury victims, to see for themselves that life goes on after a spinal cord injury.  

So my friends, if you like the information you see. If you understand and appreciate what we're trying to accomplish. Please, go on our gofundme link and support the project. It doesn't have to be a large donation, A bunch of smaller donations quickly turn into something big! "Anyone can eat an elephant one bite at a time". Even if you're unable to donate, there's a comments section on the go fund me site. We would love to hear from you, feel free to comment or message any suggestions of idea’s and thoughts as they are all appreciated! Again many thanks to everybody who has supported us to this point. The best is yet to come!